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Cambridge Analytica Facebook Scandal | Are You Safe on Facebook?

Cambridge Analytica Scandal putting 50 million Facebook users data at risk. The algorithm at the heart of the Facebook data breach sounds almost too dystopian to be real. It trawls through the most apparently trivial, throwaway postings –the “likes” users dole out as they browse the site – to gather sensitive personal information about sexual orientation, race,… Read more »

Did the KGB kidnap my neighbor? Assassination attempt of Sergei Skripal

Honest Lies is back on the attack with host Vaughn Johseph. This weeks show is a touchy one, as it touches on the alleged assassination attempt by Russia on a former double agent. The UK Prime Minister Teresa May says she wants answers, but Vladimir Putin says, you have no proof. Is this just a… Read more »

DEATH | Word of the Week Podcast London Fires, Erosion of Freedoms

Death Its all around us, in the news, on tv and right in our own backyards. What do we do when then government wants to take away your right to keep your text messages private, in the name of national security? And what do you think about being convicted of manslaughter for suggesting that your… Read more »