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Vib3sTV Music 4 The Masses 

The place for underground & indy musicians, we also get a big name artists in our midst when the planets line up for us. 



We have exclusive content from artists such as Stanley Clarke, Maverick Sabre, Johnette Napolitano & Professor Griff from the rap group Public Enemy.

Stay tuned to the network for local bands and some of your favorite chart listing artists on Vib3sTV Music 4 The Masses

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Exclusive interview with singer Maverick Sabre on EU Referendum / Brexit

Singer/Songwriter Maverick Sabre talks with Vaughn Johseph from Vib3sTV Music 4 The Masses before his Calais charity event performance about his thoughts on the recent results of the EU Referendum (Brexit) and what he hopes will come next.  

Singer SaraJeanne of Jaded Lover discusses their new video ‘Watching Porno’

SaraJeanne of Jaded Lover Singer SaraJeanne sits with Vaughn Johseph of ‘Vib3sTV Music 4 The Masses’ to talk about the new music video she just completed with musical group Jaded Lover. Official music video. Buy Direct:… Music Written and Produced by Jaded Lover and Connie Yin Lyrics by Connie Yin & Abagale Fischer Guitar… Read more »

Singer-Songwriter Jordan Rystrom sits with Vib3sTV to discuss her new single ‘Dead Sober’

Singer-Songwriter Jordan Rystrom sits with Vib3sTV to discuss her new single ‘Dead Sober’ Join Aling & Jordan, as they discuss her new single and how she came to write the song and what it can do for you along your journey to happiness. Intro beat by Chris Prythm – TropicALL @ChrisPrythm SoundCloud Follow us on… Read more »

Hip hop legend & activist Professor Griff of the rap group Public Enemy

Professor Griff V3TV speaks with hip hop artist Professor Griff about The New World Order & the current condition of society.