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‘Toilet paper is gross so I don’t buy it – I make my own reusable cloths’

Channon Rose, a mum of two, said that she’d stopped buying toilet roll as she thought it was ‘gross’, and now she’s got a reusable version that she makes herself

A woman has divided her followers on TikTok after announcing that she no longer buys toilet roll – but instead makes her own that is reusable.

Mum of two Channon Rose shared her unusual technique with her followers on social media and said that it has saved her loads of money.

She stopped buying disposable products for her bathroom as it was just money down the drain and now uses reusable items wherever possible.

Channon said that she has a bidet in her home, which helps, and she also makes her own reusable toilet paper from old wash clothes – which are regularly cleaned.


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