Grammy Parties & Rock n Roll. High Street interview on Vib3sTv

High Street – named after the street corner where the original band once practiced – is a hard rock, heavily blues-influenced group, featuring Phoebe Collins on lead vocals, Erik Findling on lead guitar, Cole Supple on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Nicholas Metaxas on bass, and Jonathan “JJ” Garwich on drums.


After months of auditions, Findling selected new bandmates based not only on their talent but their love for music and desire to share their talents with the world. Phoebe placed as a finalist three years in a row in the Hampton Beach Talent Competition in New Hampshire, Erik has performed at highly-acclaimed venues across the country and even performed at the official Grammys after-party in 2017, and Cole, Nicholas, and JJ spent their childhoods all honing their respective musical expertise.

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