Double Murderer Prison Love | The Global WarNing Podcast

EXCLUSIVE: Naomi Wise, from Chelmsford, Essex, fell hard for Victor Oquendo, who is serving 24 years for two gangland hits and three armed robberies, after the pair became penpals

A British woman is flying to the US to marry a double killer she has never met – and who is locked up until 2034.

Naomi Wise fell for Victor Oquendo – nicknamed Animal – after becoming a jail mentor.

Online chats led to a romance that has stunned Naomi’s family, not least when she revealed she had accepted his marriage proposal.

Oquendo, 30, shot dead two rivals in a gangland hit and has served 10 years of a 24-year sentence for crimes which also included three armed robberies.

But Naomi, 26, insists: “Victor’s not a monster, he’s a human being. Never in my wildest dreams did I plan to fall in love with an inmate, but it happened and I wouldn’t change it.

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