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Flat Earth backlash & President Trump is building a wall?

  Well President Donald Trump has been in office for a week now, he has waved his executive order pen around a few times and people are upset. There is going to be a wall built on the southern border, women world wide protest the perceived government intrusion upon their right to do what they… Read more »

Flat Earth? pt.1 AlfonZo Rachel Joins The Vaughn Johseph Show to discuss this topic

Flat Earth. So many around the world seem to think that the earth itself may very well be FLAT! Christopher Columbus thought otherwise and we all thought it was put to rest. WRONG!!! So the conspiracy theorist are out there telling us, the world IS flat. So lets have a talk about this topic. Part… Read more »

Documentary film maker Eli Steele discussing his new project ‘I Am or How Jack Became Black’

  Documentary film maker Eli Steele sits with host Aling Zhang in Los Angeles California to discuss his newly released documentary film ‘I Am or How Jack Became Black’. A film about race relations, social stigmas and stereotypes that exist within our society. It all began when filling out paperwork to enroll in a Los… Read more »