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Vib3sTV Music 4 The Masses 

The place for underground & indy musicians, we also get a big name artists in our midst when the planets line up for us. 



We have exclusive content from artists such as Stanley Clarke, Maverick Sabre, Johnette Napolitano & Professor Griff from the rap group Public Enemy.

Stay tuned to the network for local bands and some of your favorite chart listing artists on Vib3sTV Music 4 The Masses

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Hip hop legend & activist Professor Griff of the rap group Public Enemy

Professor Griff V3TV speaks with hip hop artist Professor Griff about The New World Order & the current condition of society.

Exclusive interview with singer Maverick Sabre on EU Referendum / Brexit

Singer/Songwriter Maverick Sabre talks with Vaughn Johseph from Vib3sTV Music 4 The Masses before his Calais charity event performance about his thoughts on the recent results of the EU Referendum (Brexit) and what he hopes will come next.