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Reality TV, the Imago film & making it as an actor in 2017

Reality TV, the struggles of being an actor and Indy productions Vaughn Johseph is joined by actors Anne Adams and Ric Morgan to discuss their journey as actors in the US as well as England. What does it take to be successful and what can you expect along the way? Actor / Producer Ric Morgan …Read more »

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AlfonZo Rachel discusses Donald Trumps election & the aftermath.

Alfonzo Rachel AlfonZo Rachel joins ‘The Vaughn Johseph Show’ to discuss the results of the 2016 presidential election. What comes next with Donald Trump being elected president, should the electoral college be eliminated, the KKK and more. Music by Chris Prythm DREM TGI

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Romance writer Cindee Bartholomew on her new novel ‘Learning To Love’

Romance writer Cindee Bartholomew on her new novel ‘Learning To Love’ She is also a romance expert and has been quoted in multiple publications. On the 16th, her latest book in her series “Learning to Love” will release. FAVORITE QUOTE: “I BELIEVE LUST AND LOVE FORM PERFECT UNIONS AND THE STARS DO ALIGN FOR TRUE LOVE.”  …Read more »

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Singer SaraJeanne of Jaded Lover discusses their new video ‘Watching Porno’

SaraJeanne of Jaded Lover Singer SaraJeanne sits with Vaughn Johseph of ‘Vib3sTV Music 4 The Masses’ to talk about the new music video she just completed with musical group Jaded Lover. Official music video. Buy Direct:… Music Written and Produced by Jaded Lover and Connie Yin Lyrics by Connie Yin & Abagale Fischer Guitar …Read more »

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Flat Earther Allegedly Dave discusses his proof.

Conspiracy theorist and flat earth supporter Allegedly Dave Murphy joins ‘The Vaughn Johseph Show’ to discuss his proof on the idea the earth is not round.   Get us your Music/Poetry/Comedy work for on air play Music@V3Tv.UK Contact the show directly with questions or comments info@V3Tv.UK